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We’ve just finished Ciara and Dennis is at the door again.  When we think about it, it gets colder spontaneously, but for goalkeepers it also gets much wetter.

In dry conditions we will often try to clench a high ball, but in wet conditions you have already noticed that this is not so obvious.

We can go back to the oldest and often the most efficient way to optimize the grip of our gloves over and over again during the game.

The use of the towel, you may have seen on TV that a goalkeeper has a towel in his goal net. The goalkeeper will then dry / clean the foam off his gloves on a regular basis. By using this you can remove most of the dirt from your gloves when you have to play on muddy soccer fields in order to keep a better grip. We do recommend using a new towel for the 2nd half of the game in extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, there are some lesser known tricks you can use for a better grip in wet weather.

Maybe less obvious, but what is also regularly used by professional goalkeepers is the use of “VASELINE”. I can hear you thinking, Vaseline what are you trying to tell us? Contrary to what many think it would make the foam extra slippery, it has an extra sticky effect. If you use this technique, you can also put a little extra above your eye to update your gloves throughout the race when you feel the sticky effect is diminishing.

Don’t want to go back to these remedies right away, but would you rather have a product that has been specially developed to improve the grip of goalkeeper gloves?  A product designed to optimise the grip of your gloves when they are in decline due to the lifetime of the goalkeeper’s glove. We recommend using it only to get that little extra grip when the evening dew falls and the playing field starts to get a bit damp, but not extreme wet weather conditions.

So it’s time to take a look at the special models that have been developed to play in wet conditions.

When you surf on our website you will regularly come across an aqua model between our goalkeeper gloves, but what’s so special about this model?

In rainy conditions you need a foam that can absorb more water in order to maintain a better grip. This makes the foam of the goalkeeper’s glove more porous and will wear out faster on dry surfaces.
So you can also play perfectly with an aqua version in dry conditions without losing grip.

How much water an aqua version can absorb only becomes clear when you clean your gloves as explained in our previous article. You’ll see that compared to a regular goalkeeper’s glove, you’ll need a lot more time to get all the dirt out of your gloves.

Due to the greater water absorbability, there will be a better grip for longer in wet conditions. Don’t expect, however, as so many videos on the internet circulate, you’ll suddenly have a goalkeeper’s glove that won’t release a ball in extreme wet conditions.

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