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Week after week we have to watch with sad eyes how goalkeepers often take off their goalkeeper gloves. Often this has become a habit because no one has pointed out to you that it probably isn’t the right way. Nevertheless, taking off your gloves incorrectly has consequences for the durability of your most precious possession as a goalkeeper. We may be talking about this and sincerely hope that you are the one who can say now but I am doing well, but what is good and what is bad?

I don’t think we should explain to you how most goalkeepers take off their gloves. Take a look around you soon on your weekly goalkeeper training sessions and you’ll catch a lot of your colleagues taking their goalkeeper gloves off badly.  A lot of goalkeepers only pull on their fingers when taking off their gloves to get them off. Unfortunately, you put too much pressure on your foam in this way, which can lead to cracks in the long run Avoid cracks just under the fingers by taking off the goalkeeper gloves incorrectly!

Now before we can take off the goalkeeper gloves, you have to loosen the wrist closure. We’ve heard it enough in the past, or still hear it now, that we’re not allowed to take something in our mouths to open it. Still, that’s the best way to loosen your wrist closure from your glove. If you prefer to do it with your hands, try to make as little contact as possible between your fingers and the Velcro, ideal would be to hold the rubber at the end of your gloves. Through the contact of the foam with the Velcro, the fingertip can wear faster and lose its optimal grip.

Take off your Goalkeeper Gloves

The most important thing, of course, is to take off the goalkeeper’s glove. The ideal way to take off the gloves is to place the palm of the hand on the chest or keep it under the armpit. You then apply pressure with your other hand or arm depending on which method you are using to gently pull the hand out of the glove.

Chest Method

keepershandschoenen uitdoen Borst

Armpit Method

keepershandschoenen uitdoen Oksel
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How do I maintain my goalkeeper gloves?

Top you already know how to take off your goalkeeper’s gloves correctly, but now that you know this, it’s also important to maintain your gloves properly When you are able to perform all these steps correctly, you will notice that you can enjoy your goalkeeper gloves much longer.

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