The entire range of meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. According to the law you are entitled to a good product. The law states that a product must be ‘sound’. This means that you must be able to use the product in a normal way for a certain period of time. uses a warranty period of 1 month for this. In the unlikely event that the article shows any defects within the guarantee period during normal use, it will be repaired free of charge. This can be a case of replacement or repair at the discretion of and the manufacturer. The warranty only includes manufacturing and/or material faults. Of course, normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. does everything in its power to help you, the customer, in the right way. Almost all products are assembled by human hands, which means that problems can occur within a short period of time. gives a guarantee on stitching problems that occur within a reasonable period of time. Unfortunately there is no guarantee on the foam. Please note that the foam wears from the first use, but retains its grip and function until the foam layer is almost completely worn.

Warranty conditions

  • In the event of an unfounded complaint, the costs incurred shall be borne by the customer.
  • If a complaint is well-founded, will decide whether the article will be (partially) repaired or (partially) replaced or (partially) credited.
  • An article returned for warranty assessment must be clean and dry. For example, damp/ dirty goalkeeper gloves will not be handled.

No warranty claims can be made:

  • stitching problems on the palm of the hand under the middle and ring fingers (with roll finger);
  • damage caused by intent or negligence;
  • improper use or negligent maintenance;
  • the handing off of goalkeeper gloves and/or clothing;
  • fraying / ladders in clothing;
  • damage to/defective zips;
  • damage as a result of not or not properly observing the instructions for use;
  • damage caused by nature, man or animal

All complaints can be reported on We would like to ask you to follow the following instructions in order to have your complaint resolved as soon as possible:

  • the e-mail must contain at least the name/order number/ explanation of the complaint.
  • send a (detailed) photo of the complaint.

We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with further instructions.

Shipping costs Guarantee

If the complaint has been reported via the e-mail address mentioned above and replacement has been promised, then the return costs are for the customer, unless otherwise decided by