The alleys have already been offered several times. Would you like to know more about the positive and negative points? Read the interview of Seppe Van Maele.

Other names we haven’t heard yet are Mathew Ryan and Andre Onana.

Both goalkeepers sound like music to our ears. When we think of Mathew Ryan, the first thing that comes to mind is the fantastic kicking technique of this goalkeeper. There’s a video of him on our mind in which he kicks 5 balls in the volley towards the midfield where his goalkeeper with the ball pocket open is waiting for us. Without any movement all the balls disappear neatly away. A moment to never forget.

Honestly if you ask us, this name doesn’t just fall with Wout Meese, we see a bit of this same kind of goalkeeper in Wout. Not of the biggest kind, but with a strong explosiveness and maturity.