Kepa, one of Rami’s idols, most of us know from the scene that his coaches wanted to change him, but he himself refused and remained stubborn. Yet Kepa is much more than that. In 2018 Chelsea brought this goalkeeper to England for a sloppy 80 million euros. Which at that time made him the most expensive goalkeeper. Not bad for 23 years anyway. Of course Chelsea didn’t pay this amount just like that, but because they saw potential in this goalkeeper. That’s how he was able to come up with some really tough numbers.

The Bask sent 368 successful long passes last season. Of the 223 short passes, no less than 221 arrived. Kepa is also known for his great reflexes. Especially when the opponent is by the defense. He made no less than 64 saves within the sixteen last season. In addition, he stopped two of the three penalty kicks he gave up last season.