Since we’ve known Lucca for a long time, we’re going to answer this question for him, because sometimes it’s just hard to look at yourself. As a young goalkeeper, it’s often not easy to make the transition from IP to Elite. Many goalkeepers think that’s only one stop higher and that’s right, but every goalkeeper who has made this step will be able to tell that there’s so much more to it. It’s often in the details. These days, there are certainly IP teams that put soccer first, but unfortunately, at this level, you also come across teams that dare to play the proverbial “lel”.

In the beginning that was just a working point for Lucca Mantione. Coming from an IP team where you sometimes get a ball played back, but where the emphasis was not on output balls in different positions. After a lot of hard work, not only we, but his team as a whole, saw huge improvements in this, which resulted in several people being blown away. Unlike many goalkeepers, we also know Lucca as a goalkeeper who needs stress to perform. So the “top” matches are often TOP at Lucca, maybe just because that stress comes up? We can only say one thing. Chapeau for the sacrifices you’re already making to make it. Keep working the way you’re doing and I’m sure it will all work out.