Seppe Van Maele is a goalkeeper who always plays in function of his team and prefers a good team performance to his individual performance. That one beautiful save is nice and good for confidence, but he’s just as happy when he didn’t have to make this save because of a strong defensive match of his teammates and also when he was able to take the win. Seppe himself is a goalkeeper who is well on his line with very good reflexes.

Like a good goalkeeper, he always tries to help his defence by coaching a lot and by being as playable as possible by moving and sliding well beside his goal. Not evident that they tilt along, many goalkeepers often play the ball in and then stop their action. Even then, it is our job as goalkeepers to move along and, if necessary, be playable again if the goalkeeper is put under pressure by an opponent.

Seppe’s growth spurt will certainly continue in the future, but as long as it’s not, he’ll do everything he can to limit this “handicap” by training on jumping power, or at home with my jumping rope. In this way we are convinced that for “smaller” goalkeepers this doesn’t have to be a disadvantage and can compensate this by building up the right technique and strength for this.