Goalkeeper gloves are the most important piece of equipment for a goalkeeper. Having good material is one thing, but as a goalkeeper you also have to take good care of it so that you can always get the best out of your gloves. The latex of goalkeeper gloves is a bit like our skin. When we make our skin wet, the pores open up, but when we make it too wet, we get chapped.

It’s the same with our gloves. By getting them wet, the pores open up and you get a better grip. Only when you make them too wet you don’t get a crack, but the glove can’t absorb the water enough and the grip becomes a lot less. To have the perfect competition gloves, Zyan Desoete wets his gloves the day before and wraps them in a towel. The towel absorbs the excess water and the perfect amount remains on the foam for the best grip during a race.  

To start the match well physically and mentally, you have to make sure you are well rested. Sometimes it helps Zyan to look at the images of previous matches. In this way he looks at the good points, but also the less good points. Doing something wrong is not always FAILING. In this way you learn what is not so good and you can work on doing it the right way from now on.