From the moment Liam Wauters was able to take his first steps, the ball was already indispensable. Still, Liam’s story doesn’t run like so many goalkeepers. He started playing football at the age of 4.5, but as a regular fielder at the local soccer club Standaard Wetteren. That soon changed and KAA Gent saw something in this young talented player. With the U7 of Ghent, however, it is the case that each player takes turns in goal and therefore they do not have a regular goalkeeper at their disposal.

Something you see more today because the clubs want every young player to be able to enjoy every aspect of football. Despite the fact that his trainer at the u8 Wesley Smets did see a future for Liam as a goalkeeper, it took until the u10 before he took the step to become a “full-time” goalkeeper. That Wesley would be right became clear a year later when the big Anderlecht was at the door and made a transition possible for Liam Wauters.