Xander Achtergael story didn’t start like most of us. In the beginning of his “soccer career” he was found in the defense and he had to make sure that the goalkeeper got as little work as possible :-).  After 3 years, the then goalkeeper stopped and the team started looking for a new goalkeeper. They were looking specifically behind a “fool” who wanted to be. Xander was immediately won for this idea and ended up in the goalkeeper world of “fools” since he was 8 years old.

Now fools are sometimes said in the vernacular, but let’s keep it on the smartest of the field. A goalkeeper doesn’t just have to be good with his hands, he also has to have insight, coaching and good feet to be able to play soccer. Certainly his short period of time as a defender will help him think like a defender, allowing him to respond more quickly to his team-mates.