Arvid Vermorgen played at a very young age at elite level, foreign tournaments against big teams and was even named goalkeeper of the tournament a few times. Still, the Elite world is a hard world for younger children as well. Just like with us in the adult world you are there a number that is replaceable. Unfortunately but it is the hard reality. Throughout the years you have to have a trainer and goalkeeper who believes 100% in you.

Sometimes having to “fight” for your place over and over again to prove yourself at a very young age is incredibly hard and sometimes you lose the pleasure why you’ve been doing this for years. That’s why it’s more important to know the right people there, not the athletic. That’s why Arvid has chosen to come out on the IP level for the new season. His new team has 100% confidence in him and will therefore guide him very carefully and specifically to the future. It’s a relief not to be a number anymore and to know that all the people of your new club care about you so much.