Football is a hard world even for young players who are already playing at elite level is often running into the door with their nose. This was also the case for Wout Meese, 3 years ago he was not stopped at Club Brugge anymore and was allowed to look for a new club. Not easy as a young boy to cope with such a blow, you would think, but Wout fought back and continued working at the then Sporting Lokeren. Soon his parents’ phone rang red hot again, but in order not to experience the same things as before, they decided, in consultation with Sporting Lokeren, to let his career develop within these circles with trusted people.

When you get a phone call from RSC Anderlecht it is of course something different. Still, Wout Meese seemed a bit sceptical about it. Not only learning to discover new teammates, but especially the transition with a boarding school was completely new for him and his entourage. Under the Motto talk can never hurt there was an unexpected decision and he decided to make the switch anyway.