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June 17, 2020

Wout Meese – RSC Anderlecht: Interview

Wout Meese RSC Anderlecht

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Wout Meese

Current club: RSC Anderlecht
Previous Club: Waarschoot, Club Brugge, Sporting Lokeren
Birthday: 11/04/2005

Wout Meese, like so many of us, started his first ball keys as early as we could. That’s how he started playing soccer at Waarschoot’s U6. However, it was only with the u11 that Wout decided to continue as goalkeeper. Now admit that goalkeeper standing there for 90 minutes without running, while all your fellow players walked out of their lungs. That’s why we recommend every fielder to take part in goalkeeper training and play a full game as we should as goalkeepers. Constantly keep the focus following the game from left to right and be ready to save that one ball.

The alleys have already been offered several times. Would you like to know more about the positive and negative points? Read the interview of Seppe Van Maele.

Other names we haven’t heard yet are Mathew Ryan and Andre Onana.

Both goalkeepers sound like music to our ears. When we think of Mathew Ryan, the first thing that comes to mind is the fantastic kicking technique of this goalkeeper. There’s a video of him on our mind in which he kicks 5 balls in the volley towards the midfield where his goalkeeper with the ball pocket open is waiting for us. Without any movement all the balls disappear neatly away. A moment to never forget.

Honestly if you ask us, this name doesn’t just fall with Wout Meese, we see a bit of this same kind of goalkeeper in Wout. Not of the biggest kind, but with a strong explosiveness and maturity.

Our idol or idols are often a reflection of ourselves. We see a bit of them back in ourselves. This is also the case for Wout Meese. As we mentioned before, both goalkeepers have an enormous explosiveness and fantastic kicking technique.

In contemporary football it is increasingly important that a goalkeeper has the same footballing qualities as his fellow players. In this way we also become the most complete players on the square. We should not only be able to play soccer, but also be able to grab balls and coach with them. Every goalkeeper has his qualities and is often in something better and in something less good. So work hard at what you’re not so good at, so jet can make it better, but don’t forget to train in what you’re good at so it can only get better.

Football is a hard world even for young players who are already playing at elite level is often running into the door with their nose. This was also the case for Wout Meese, 3 years ago he was not stopped at Club Brugge anymore and was allowed to look for a new club. Not easy as a young boy to cope with such a blow, you would think, but Wout fought back and continued working at the then Sporting Lokeren. Soon his parents’ phone rang red hot again, but in order not to experience the same things as before, they decided, in consultation with Sporting Lokeren, to let his career develop within these circles with trusted people.

When you get a phone call from RSC Anderlecht it is of course something different. Still, Wout Meese seemed a bit sceptical about it. Not only learning to discover new teammates, but especially the transition with a boarding school was completely new for him and his entourage. Under the Motto talk can never hurt there was an unexpected decision and he decided to make the switch anyway.

About 10 pairs a year. At Anderlecht we often train 2 times a day, so the number is certainly a bit higher than other elite goalkeepers who train 4 times a week.

Every goalkeeper in Belgium has worn a lot of Real goalkeeper gloves. It was the most famous brand in the country for years. But every goalkeeper, especially in the younger years, wants to try something different and see if the gloves of our idols are really that great.

The gloves are just great. Prostar’s website says it’s all about a professional grip and you can feel that right away. This grip also lasts much longer than other brands. This is because the durability of the gloves is incredibly long and therefore you can enjoy a good grip for longer. As they often say, the grass looks greener on someone else, but don’t change when you already have the best.

Every goalkeeper has his qualities, as mentioned earlier, and as a goalkeeper you also need to know how to deal with your qualities and less strong points. Anticipate those less good qualities so that you gain more and more confidence in them and in this way also improve them Only with confidence will you dare to tackle less good points and thus also become better at them If Wout Meese has to choose something for him personally, it’s dealing with the pressure. Every game is different, as a goalkeeper you can never be 100% prepared for what is to come and the one mistake that can be fatal, that everyone has seen, plays along. Not thinking about that and believing in your own qualities is the hardest thing for a goalkeeper, but that’s the only way to get better & stronger.

As a goalkeeper, be sure to work with your less good points. These training sessions are often less fun because what you want to experience is not immediately what you get But football will always be with trial and error. And only by working hard will you turn your bad points into less good points. So don’t just do the fun exercises with full dedication, but do them all with the same attitude!

Which models did he choose?

Wout does not hesitate and chooses the best affordable quality available on the market. No compromise on quality or price. Among other things, he chose the following models. Do you also want to work with these professional goalkeeper gloves?

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