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January 13, 2021

Fayro Libiee – VV Smitshoek: Interview

Fayro Libiee VV Smitshoek

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Fayro Libiee

Current club: VV Smitshoek
Previous Club: SV DRL
Birthday: 10/06/2006

As a little boy, football is often what rings out. After all, you can’t imagine being away from the field any time soon and your parents really have to come and call you because dinner is ready or because it has become too dark. Not so Fayro in this story. A young man who loved nothing more than to play football. Not as a goalkeeper, but as a striker. With young people, it is still often the case that everyone goes in goal because every young player has to learn his technical skills as a player. However, in this way you can also quickly see when someone has the talent to become a goalkeeper. And so it happened. After only one match, Fayro Libiee advanced to the highest team. After 2 years of hard work some doors opened and he ended up in the JO11-1 of Smitshoek.

Fayro Libiee comes from the Netherlands, so it is not surprising that his two idols are also compatriots. Not surprising of course, when you see so many world goalkeepers with Dutch nationality on the fields. One of them is of course Marc Ter Stegen. We do not have to mention much of this when you have read the stories of our other ambassadors.
Andre Onana we have not heard of yet, but is also no surprise when you look at the qualities of this goalkeeper. The Cameroonian Goalkeeper on Dutch wages came over from Barcelona before joining Jong Ajax. In the 2018/19 season, he then made the big move to become 1st goalkeeper at FC Ajax.

The first few years helped Fyro Libiee to master the skills of a good footballer. In modern football, a goalkeeper must be as good with the ball as the players. And you have to admit that it gives the defence more confidence to play you when they know you can handle the ball as well. These qualities alone will give you a stronger bond with your fellow players. Add to that active coaching and you are well on your way to building a strong defensive block. If there is no footballing solution, Fyro has the right feet to deliver the ball in the second line to one of his teammates with a faultless kick.

As a young striker with the local team, you don’t expect to have chances higher up the ladder, of course. Secretly everyone hopes or dreams a little of that, Fayro Libiee thinks. Of course, talent alone is not good enough to get to the top and especially to stay there. You have to take what you have been given with you, but you mustn’t forget to work hard, because only in this way can you turn your talent into reality. Thanks to hard work and level-headed thinking, a nice internship at Sparta Rotterdam paid football came in spite of it. When you get such invitations, you know why you have worked hard and why you want to keep working hard.

There is little stress for Fayro before the game and if there is any, he tries very hard to hide it. Stress is not a good advisor for you as a goalkeeper, but also not for your fellow players who might take over.

For the warm-up, he resolutely goes for a separate pair of goalkeeper gloves and long trousers. This is advice he once received from a trainer and still applies. This way, the muscles stay warm and you are less prone to injuries.

The start of the match is then done with a clean pair of gloves that is specially prepared to get the best grip out of the gloves.

Currently at Prostar, Fayro Libiee gets by with about 3 pairs of goalkeeper gloves a year. This is partly due to the long lifespan. Not only the wear is extremely good, also the grip remains very good. He also uses a separate pair of goalkeeper’s gloves for the matches, and when these have had their best time he moves this pair on to continue training with them, and chooses a new pair to finish the matches with. This way he always arrives at the kick-off with the best grip available on the market.

As mentioned with Fayro’s favourite goalkeepers, you don’t have to look far to find out which goalkeeper’s gloves you have seen in the past. Especially as a young goalkeeper, you look up to your idols and want to look like them and play with the gloves they use for weekly world rallies. Only at a later age, when you as a goalkeeper start to be more involved with the material, you notice that the material you are working with is not of the professional quality that other brands can offer. This is how Stanno came into the picture. A brand that is very common on the Dutch market and has something for everyone in its collection.

Prostar goalkeeper gloves are simply very comfortable. Because of the combination of latex and neoprene, they are not the lightest on the market, but it is a perfect combination to keep the weight down, but still have a good cushioning during boxing. Add to that the fact that they last a long time and the choice is easy. Why go to another brand where I have to pay at least 100 euros for the same quality? No thanks, he will stay with his Prostar goalkeeper gloves.

As a goalkeeper, you must have good vision, but also good judgement. As a goalkeeper, you must always try to correctly assess where the ball is going to be, otherwise you might go under the ball at a corner kick or cross. The right timing is a matter of a lot of training. Like every young goalkeeper, Fayro had to find his way in the beginning. Every young goalkeeper wants to be able to catch the ball very quickly without thinking about whether you are going to get the ball. Being patient and choosing the right moment is therefore a gift. You can always work on your jumping power, so you will get higher and your opponents will have less chances

As a young goalkeeper it is not always easy. Everyone has to believe in you, because you are the anti-hero or hero of your team. Two different moments that you have to learn to deal with at a young age. One slip by you as a goalkeeper can mean the loss of the match and you will see that all eyes are on you, but the opposite is also possible when you are leading by one goal and in the very last minute you manage to stop a penalty shot.

So never give up. Keep training and working hard to become a better goalkeeper. Sooner or later you will make use of it.

Which models did he choose?

Fayro does not hesitate and chooses the best affordable quality available on the market. No compromise on quality or price. Among other things, he chose the following models. Do you also want to work with these professional goalkeeper gloves?

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