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Do you live for football, are you always open to something new and would you like to think along with us about the development of our products? Then sign up as a ProStar Ambassador! Be the first to play with our products, receive an exclusive discount and stay up to date with the latest developments for each brand. You are also important to Prostar Goalkeeping.

  • You’ll be the first to play with our products.

  • You will receive an exclusive discount.

  • You play an important role in the development of our products.

  • You’re in the spotlight.

This is what we expect from you:

  • You active, we active! You share your experiences with our products on social media, so we can share them.

  • You actively promote our brand in your football club and beyond.

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Are we looking for you?

    Are we looking for you?

      Damien Herman

      Become a ambassador

      Damien Herman already enjoyed training with the first team. The dream of becoming a professional footballer is so close, but also so far away.

      What is the most important feature you look for in a goalkeeper glove?

      When he’s looking for the ideal goalkeeper’s glove, he looks at the palm. This should be thick enough so that the gloves don’t wear out too quickly, and of course it should have a perfect grip at the level they play.

      Our ambassadors are our stars

      Prostar relies on the youth. They are our stars of the future. Would you like to learn more about our ambassadors or perhaps become an ambassador yourself?

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